My Personal Favourites and Why.


Some people cast a long shadow

Working a full-time job, it is often difficult to go out and take photos, so one has to make do with what’s available. I’ve taken hundreds of photos from my office on the 12th floor close to Liverpool Street. This photo is from that series which I call, ‘From the 12th floor’.

One of the reasons I love this photo is because its title came before the photo. I was watching the curious long shadows being made on the wet surface and thought it was peculiar and interesting. The picture however, could only work if the long shadows were contrasted with normal shadows so I had to wait for the right moment where both were being cast at the same time and the rest of the frame was relatively clutter free.

I tried zoom outs and zoom ins but this particular focal length seemed to work best.



My Personal Favourites and Why.


The Shard and the Moon.

This photo of the Shard is a personal favourite because it took quite a bit of effort and patience to get right. I was walking around Central London looking for photo opportunities late at night and wanted to involve the bright and beautiful moon in a composition. With the London weather being what it is, these opportunities are not all that common.
The moon was at a great angle for this particular composition but it still took me some time to find the exact spot where I was far enough from the Shard to be able to zoom in so that the moon could be made as large as possible.
The exposure had to be for the moon because it was by far the brightest object in the sky (hence 1/60s) but the focus had to be on the Shard so that the architecture was sharp enough. I knew the Shard would be dark in the original out of the camera RAW file, but this could be later adjusted in Photoshop. The ISO had to be kept low because these night shots can get horribly noisy when you start to extract detail from them.
I took 28 shots in all, progressively exposing more and more for the details in the moon at the expense of the Shard, then chose the one which had the moon just right. Using the Dodge Tool, I later brought out the details in the Shard.